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Pickering Village in Ajax, has established a tradition of holding a music festival for more than a decade. Originally known as the Pickering Village Jazz Festival, it evolved into the Pickering Village JAM Festival in 2011 and is also known affectionately and simply, as JAMFest.

Nestled along a spur of the original Kingston Road, Pickering Village got its start in 1807 when a group of Quakers settled in the area. Walking down Old Kingston Road, the modern day visitor can still see original buildings: Gordon House, built in 1881, was a hotel known for its excellent food. Casa Verde, an Italian restaurant, is housed in circa 1890 building that originally served as a birthing house, and later as a rum runners hideout. The house of the original doctor, erected around 1867, features unusual, metal spired cupolas and decorative brick work.

JAMFest celebrates the community of Pickering Village and the joy of music and arts. Take the time to walk through the village and enjoy the music and family fun. Stroll along the sidewalk and browse through vendor booths. Contemplate the work of our local artists. Spend the day with the kids and enjoy family oriented fun.

Drop in and enjoy the fare at any of the local restaurants, or if you’re feeling more casual, there are food vendors on the street offering various cuisines, from Jamaican jerk chicken to Canada’s own contribution to french fry gastronomy: poutine. You can then burn off the calories and dance in the street while musicians re-create the sounds of 50’s rock and roll, blues, jazz and folk.

Come out to JAMFest and enjoy the fun!

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2021 Schedule

Pickering Village Drive-In Jam Fest Line Up

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Each vehicle pass costs $25

plus application ticketing fees and taxes.


You may have as many people in your vehicle as there are working seatbelts.

However, we ask that only members of your household travel with you in your vehicle. 

Rock Band
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Frequently asked questions

How do I purchase my ticket?

Tickets must be purchased online. Space is extremely limited.

How do I get my tickets once I have purchased them?

Upon completing your purchase, tickets will be emailed to you directly. Tickets can be shown on your phone or printed to be presented and scanned through your closed car window at the gate.

What is the cost?

Each vehicle pass costs $25 plus application ticketing fees and taxes.

How many people are permitted with each vehicle pass?

You may have as many people in your vehicle as there are working seatbelts. However, we ask that only members of your household travel with you in your vehicle.

Will tickets be available at the venue?

Yes, unless the show is sold out in advance - please check our website.

What is the speed limit?

5 MPH at all times.

Can we reserve spots next to friends?

All spots are reserved for that ticket purchaser unless specified in advance. If a show is General Admission there is no saving spots.

Will i be able to leave anytime during the event or are we stuck in our spot until the end?

All exits are final.

Do you have a weather policy?

We will be open Rain or Shine!

What is your refund policy?

All ticket sales are final and non-refundable. Tickets are valid for one use only.

Do you have restrooms?

Yes restrooms will be available on-site

Is this event contactless?

Yes. There will be no touch points during this event. Visitors must remain in their vehicles at all times. For health & safety reasons, tickets will be scanned through your closed car window for a fully contactless experience.

Are there any vehicle restrictions?

No. All vehicles are welcome.

What items are not permitted during the drive-In?

Absolutely no alcohol or smoking is permitted while visiting

Are we required to wear face coverings inside our cars?

Not while inside cars.

Are we required to wear face coverings outside our cars?

Please wear face coverings when outside cars or outside parking space when visiting restrooms and anywhere on site.

Will face coverings be sold at the door?

No, you must bring your own.

I have a small car, how can i ensure that my view will not be blocked by a larger vehicle such as a truck or van?

We will do our best to ensure large vehicles do not obstruct sightlines.

Can I sit in the back of my truck?

No, you must remain in your vehicle.

Can I stand outside of my vehicle?

No, you must remain in your vehicle

Can I bring patio or lawn furniture?


What if my car battery dies during the event?

If your vehicle battery gets drained during the show, we do have jump boxes available at the concession area. You must have a valid drivers license to use the jump box.

Can I sit on the roof of my car or hang out of my sunroof?

No, you must remain in your car.

Can I leave my car and lights on?

If your engine is loud it must be turned off and your lights must be turned off at all times while you are parked.

Can I get out of my car?

You must remain in your vehicle unless visiting washrooms or food concessions. There will be clearly marked paths from parking spaces to each of washrooms.

Are we able to purchase food and beverages at the venue?

Yes. There will be food trucks on site for every event.

Are kids allowed? - what is the age restriction?

Yes. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Can I bring my pets?

No pets allowed.

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Food Trucks onsite

for your food and drink needs

Box Office

Buy tickets online 


Limited spaces

Hurry as spots are very limited


Washrooms are onsite

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For further information and details you can use the contact form below or any of the emails listed. Please contact for the following inquiries:


Sponsorship and Sampling
Lido Chilelli
(416) 723-7445

Claire Chilelli
(416) 904-7010

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